You Can Hear It Singing

Film / Video / Installation / Projects with Youth

1999, 15 minutes12-channel 3-channel, 12-monitor video installation


You Can Hear It Singing: A Journey Down the Cape Fear River was commissioned by Exploris, a children’s museum in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a permanent video installation about the Cape Fear River. In the summer of 1997, Gaulke traveled with a band of young adventurers down the Cape Fear River, from its headwaters to the sea. The kids were exposed to the many aspects of the river – history, nature, industry, culture, and spirituality – and Gaulke recorded the process on digital video.

The installation consists of 12 video monitors on their backs in a gentle curve, to form a “video river.” The viewer is taken on a journey down the river through images that shimmer across the monitors in a carefully designed pattern. At times the entire surface flows with water and at other times it bubbles with activity. The installation was created to bring the river into the museum, to teach about the many aspects of a river, and to invite viewers to consider the waterways in their own communities.

Additional Credits:
Journey Organizer Louise Omoto Kessel
Video Editor Joe Leonardi
Original Music Miriam Cutler