Domestic Violence PSAs

Projects with Youth


Three public service announcements were created by teens in a workshop created by Cheri Gaulke called I CAN WE CAN: Films to End Domestic Violence. It is a co-production of Harvard-Westlake Summer Film and A Window Between Worlds. Artistic Director/Executive Producer Cheri Gaulke. CLICK ON TITLES TO WATCH

The Monster Within

Where does domestic violence come from? This animated tale offers insights into the thoughts, feelings and choices we can make to end the violence. 

Directed by Angela Soyean Chon, George Khabbaz, Dora Schoenberg, Jordan Seibel. Producer Masha Vasilkovsky, Associate Producers Molly Cinnamon and Sophia Lopez, Voice-over Artist Michael Kearns. 

Trauma You Don’t See

Sometimes domestic abuse and trauma are right in front of us and we just don’t see it. 

Directed by Phillip Ahn, Erin Lee, Su Jin Nam. Sean On, Will Park. Producer Charles Schaefer, Associate Producer Katherine Kearns.

Emergency Stop (The Cycle of Violence)

“He hit me and it felt like a kiss” go the lyrics of a song. How do you stop domestic violence when pop music normalizes abuse? How can we stop the seemingly endless cycle of violence?

Directed by Juli Freedman, Becca Frischling, Jess Grody, Karenina Juarez. Producer Daphna Lapidot, Associate Producers Jamie Ember and Marka Maberry-Gaulke.