Righteous Conversations Project

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The Righteous Conversations Project began in 2011 when a group of parents and students approached me in my role as Video Art faculty and Visual Art Dept. Head at Harvard-Westlake School. Realizing that we were quickly losing the last generation of Holocaust survivors, we created The Righteous Conversations Project to bring teens together with these elders before their stories disappeared forever. RCP director Samara Hutman and I worked closely over the next 10 years, facilitating workshops to provides students with opportunities to carry on the work of Holocaust Remembrance and to speak up about injustice in the world around them through film, new media, music and photography.

The founding parent committee members were Rochel Blachman, Cece Feiler, Samara Hutman, Helen Jacobs–Lepor, and Sheryl Sokoloff. The teen committee members were Jamie Feiler, Rebecca Hutman, Marissa Lepor and Lara Sokoloff. Advisors to the committee were Harvard-Westlake history teacher Dror Yaron, Holocaust educator Dr. Michael Berenbaum, and Gesher Calmenson, founder of Remember Us, the parent organization of RCP.

RCP films have won numerous awards in film festivals including Best High School Student Film at The American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival.

Hold the Sun in Your Hands: The Erika Jacoby Story

Peter Daniels: A Child Survivor of Theresienstadt

Dieu Merci: The Story of Michele Rodri

Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes