Cycle of the Witch

Film / Video

2013, 12 minutes

CYCLE OF THE WITCH, or sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian

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Artist Cheri Gaulke utilizes personal narrative, family photographs, images of nature, and segments from previous work to meditate on the cycle of life. She courageously shares a story of her transformation from a young girl, the daughter of a prominent Lutheran minister in the Midwest, into an artist, lesbian and “born-again-bruja” in Los Angeles. Her montaged journey leads us through the introduction of a specific doctrine to a child, the questioning of young adult, the rejection of faith and family, the embrace of one’s path, and the creation of one’s own community. Cycle of the Witch is a continuation of Gaulke’s thirty-five year investigation into themes of religion, sexual politics and identity, and the environment.
-Meg Linton, curator

Created for the exhibition Tapping the Third Realm, curated by Meg Linton and Carolyn Peter, Otis College of Art and Design and Loyola Marymount University, September 22 – December 8, 2013.

Written, directed, filmed, edited and produced by Cheri Gaulke