Sea of Time

Film / Video

1993, 12 minutes

A moving journey through a process of birth and death, Sea of Time tells the story of Gaulke’s attempts to become pregnant through artificial insemination during a period of time while a dear friend was dying of AIDS. Written in collaboration with her life partner, Sue Maberry, it raises issues about gay and lesbian people creating family. The footage includes a trip to Bali and is offset by an evocative score by composer Miriam Cutler. Sea of Time was originally created for the exhibition In Terms of Time curated by Ruth Weisberg and Rabbi Laura Geller at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, January 1994. It has been screened in numerous film festivals internationally.

Credits: Directed by Cheri Gaulke, written and edited by Cheri Gaulke and Sue Maberry, original music by Miriam Cutler, cinematography by Joe Leonardi, Roger Workman, on-line editor Joe Leonardi, post-production facility LBMA Video, Long Beach Museum of Art.

Dedicated to the memory of Mark Stephen Niblock-Smith, 1958-1993.