Sisterhood City Conversation Continues On KPFK’s Feminist Magazine

Critic Peter Frank, artist Cheri Gaulke, Otis gallery director Meg Linton, artist Sandra Rowe, artist Linda Vallejo, critic Betty Brown at the Sisterhood City panel at LA Art Show 2011. Photo by Angela Maria Ortiz

On April 27, 2011, 7-8 pm, I will be appearing on the radio program Feminist Magazine on KPFK 90.7 FM. The conversation with host Lynn Ballen is a follow-up to the panel discussion called Sisterhood City: Feminist Art in Los Angeles moderated by art historian and critic Betty Ann Brown. Brown, as well as artist Linda Vallejo, will also join the on-air conversation. Our original Sisterhood City conversation at the LA Art Show on January 21, 2011 was great fun. At the time I was writing a catalog essay about collaboration and critic Peter Frank made some insightful observations that I ended up quoting in my essay. “Collaboration, at least on some level, is key to making art socially relevant.”

In reading more about our host Lynn Ballen I noted that her first feminist consciousness came when she was  twelve and living in South Africa and read about “the amazing ’70s women’s movement happening in the far-away USA.” I imagine that’s what we’ll be talking about as well as our current projects.

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-Cheri Gaulke