Consider: Seven Generations

Public Art

2003, Lake View Terrace Branch Library, Lake View Terrace, California

The artwork was inspired by a traditional Native American philosophy: In our every decision, we must consider the impact on the next seven generations. Emerging from a circle of decomposed granite is a half-circle of seven recycled wooden power poles in ascending height from 4’ to 16’. Each pole is topped with an icon related to the community’s history — a horse head hitching post, an arroyo stone, an iron bell, a metal tree, an Indian basket, a weather vane, and a restored bronze streetlight. The tallest pole is conceived as a lighthouse, as a beacon for the community and a warning about the fragility of the environment. In the center of the circle is a concrete bench into which is embedded the Native American saying in stainless steel. At night the bench glows from beneath.

Stainless steel etched panels are adhered to the poles like posted flyers. The words on the panels were collected during extensive interviews with residents of the community about their memories of Lake View Terrace. They deal with historical landmarks, horse culture, Japanese-American orchardists, wildlife, Native American stories, and many other historical facts and anecdotes.

Wood, iron, bronze, copper, stainless steel, stoneware, decomposed granite, river rock, 16’ tall x 25’ x 25’

Commissioned by Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department